We are composers, artists and storytellers.


what we do

original music

We create original music for all media types TV, commercials, video games & films. 

Post Mixing

We dial in the dialogue, music and sound design to ensure a sonic culmination.

music supervision

We advise and collaborate with our clients to select and procure the ideal soundtrack.

sound design

We construct living breathing soundscapes that immerse you in any visual media.


Our Team


ScreenSound Alliance was founded by composer Robert Miller. We share a belief in building partnerships with brands to help communicate their message with original music. At our core, we are storytellers using contemporary production techniques and live ensembles to create your sound.


Robert Miller

New York

Composer/Music Supervisor/CEO

Robert Miller is a prolific composer of music for film, television and the concert hall, with a career spanning some 23 years. His distinctive style has made its mark on well over 2,400 commercials, a growing body of some 65 film scores, as well as numerous works for the stage.

Over the years, his work has garnered him seven CLIO awards, two AICP awards, two Emmy “group” nominations for Coca-Cola’s “It’s Mine” and Mercedes’ “Modern Ark,” as well as collective Emmys for Coca-Cola’s “Heist” and the ESPN 30 for 30 film “Survive and Advance.” Robert’s arrangement of “America the Beautiful” for Coca-Cola’s 2014 Super Bowl commercial won him his second career AICP award. Robert’s arrangements can be heard on spots for Mercedes, Coca-Cola, GE, Pedigree, SAP, M&M, Toyota, UPMC, IBM, Levi’s, Budweiser, Gillette, and many more. For a more comprehensive commercial reel and Robert's film work please visit http://www.rmimusic.com




Composer/Music Supervisor/Post Mixer

Marc has been producing and mixing records for 17 years and scoring media, commercials and films for 4.

Marc has earned a few awards and a couple of platinum and gold records. He has had multiple top 5 Billboard albums and a #1 album on iTunes.

Marc has worked with artists like Weezer, Bad Religion, Motion City Soundtrack, Everclear, Ludo and many others.

For more information about Marc please visit www.fuzzballrecording.com


Nick Green

New York

Production Assistant/Producer

Nick Green graduated from the Brighton Institute of Modern Music in 2012 with BA (hons) in professional music. He specializes in guitar and has played in various bands whose style has ranged from Rock, Metal, Indie and Hip Hop. Since starting work at Screensound Alliance, he has worked on a variety of films and commercials, assisting in production, engineering and music editing.


Supreme Music


Composers/Music Supervisors

SUPREME MUSIC is not a music agency. We are a unit of highly-skilled composers, bonded by making awesome, thoughtful music for commercials.

That’s probably why we’ve won so many awards over the last years.

Founded in 2008 by Maximilian Olowinsky, Felix Müller and Florian Lakenmacher, SUPREME MUSIC takes charge of delivering all aspects of the sonic process to a client; from composition and recording, to mixing, sound design, and live orchestral arrangements.

For more information about Supreme Music please visit www.suprememusic.de


Henry Boy

New York

Sound Design

Henryboy is an award-winning sound design collective established in 2008 by Bill Chesley and Kate Gibson. We believe that the importance of sound design, regardless of application, is often underrated. We're here to change that perception.

Good sound design will make your film look better every time. Our goal is to expose people to the true potential of their projects by maximizing the impact of what is 50% of the experience.

Talking about sound design is like dancing about fish. So collaboration and great communication of ideas is essential. our storefront studios, at 164 water street in dumbo, brooklyn, offer a relaxed, inspiring environment. We encourage our clients to come over for working sessions, and afterwards, hit the jay street bar for some beverages and vinegar hill house for some tasty grub.

For more information about Henry Boy visit www.henryboy.com